Olivier Messiaen International Competition

The Olivier Messiaen International Competition was initially a contemporary piano competition established in 1967 by Claude Samuel as part of the Royan Festival and held in Paris until 2007. Bruno Messina, Director of the Public Establishment of Cultural Cooperation (EPCC) Arts en Isère Dauphiné Alpes (AIDA), was commissioned to revive the competition in 2019, in line with the artistic policy of the Maison Messiaen, an artists’ residence in Isère. 

For this relaunch in 2019, the competition was dedicated to organ interpretation and presided over by Claude Samuel. A new artistic dynamic and a new rhythm are instilled since the competition now takes place every year in order to shine both nationally and internationally: starting from 2022, an edition devoted to the organ alternates with an edition dedicated to the piano, the competition’s original instrument.

Contact : concours@olivier-messiaen.eu